100 Beautiful Baskets

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Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is the place to be to celebrate the festive season – its Joy from Africa to the World project, which kicked off two years ago, reimagines Christmas on the African continent by showcasing local, sustainable craft, design, and art. For 2021, Platform Creative – known for promoting the work of African […]

Future Brand Milan launches The Future of Food report

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The FutureBrand Future of Food 2020-21 report is dedicated to the analysis of macro and micro-trends that will affect the food industry globally. The study, carried out by the Italian office of the FutureBrand network, investigates the impact of new lifestyles – including the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 – on nutrition, and how brands are […]

FutureBrand Group Offers Youth Access to C-suite Team

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In celebration of World Youth Skills Day, FutureBrand Group is offering young people aged 16 – 21 years old the opportunity to have a 1-2-1 meeting with members of its C-suite globally. The global initiative will allow young people interested in pursuing a career across the branding or design sectors the chance to book 30-minute […]

Curtain color trends for all styles in 2022

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Get inspired by these curtain color trends for 2022 that will suit any home! Major changes are not always necessary to achieve a different room interior, curtains can often perform this function, in addition to their sun protection aspect. So let’s get to know the curtain color trends for 2022 that will suit any style. […]

British Start Up Lunaz Electrifies & Future-Proofs Classic Luxury Cars

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As many countries and cities, quite rightly, adopt stricter emission limits, the chance of seeing a classic car on the road is becoming even more of a rarity. lunaz, a new British start-up, believes differently though. combining advanced technology with expert craftsmanship, they aim to restore the ‘most beautiful and celebrated cars’ by fitting them […]

Snohetta Sites ‘Peace Bench’ Outside UN

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Snøhetta has designed an installation that is currently showcased on the UN headquarters plaza in new york city as a symbol of diplomacy and dialogue. officially entitled ‘the best weapon’, the peace bench has been designed as a symbolic expression of diplomacy and dialogue. in homage to Nobel peace prize laureates, the art piece intends […]

Fantoni Atelier Collection

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With the new atelier collection, Italian manufacturer FANTONI is launching a highly flexible, functional, and elegant working environment for the office of tomorrow. it could be that employees won’t want to take holidays anymore. An office layout that isn’t flexible, can’t be reconfigured, and artificially confines employees to a fixed workstation is anathema to Fantoni. […]

Artistic, Reclaimed Metal Earbuds by Planet Beyond Encourage

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Standing in stark contrast to apple’s sleek but generic AirPods, these artistic earbuds have been designed as a more ‘innovative form of self-expression. launched during the 2019 edition of Miami art week, the planet beyond’s jewel-sized headphones measure just 30 x 20 millimeters and weigh just 85 grams, or 3 ounces. ‘beyond being lightweight and […]

Baranowitz + Kronenberg integrate shadows and reflections into âme

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Amsterdam-based architect Abramowitz + Kronenberg (B+K) works with high-end jewelry brand âme in the design of its flagship new york showroom on spring street, Soho. situated in the heart of lower manhattan, B+K take influence from the architectural language of the neighborhood, recalling the shadows of the undulating cast-iron facades. the stark contrast between the […]

Droog Moto e-Fighter Electric Motorbike adds ‘Rechargeable Adrenaline’

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Rechargeable adrenaline with instant torque defines the droog moto e-fighter electric motorcycle, also known as the DM-016 e-fighter. as a first for the Washington state-based custom shop, the bike is fully electric. it boasts either an interchangeable 3.6 modular setup or a 7.2 battery, which produces 46 hp and 78 ft. lbs of torque. a […]