Artistic, Reclaimed Metal Earbuds by Planet Beyond Encourage

Artistic, Reclaimed Metal Earbuds by Planet Beyond Encourage

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8 خرداد 1400 | 10:09
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Standing in stark contrast to apple’s sleek but generic AirPods, these artistic earbuds have been designed as a more ‘innovative form of self-expression. launched during the 2019 edition of Miami art week, the planet beyond’s jewel-sized headphones measure just 30 x 20 millimeters and weigh just 85 grams, or 3 ounces. ‘beyond being lightweight and durable, our Bluetooth earpieces are the synthesis of sustainability, fashion, and technology,’ says the firm. ‘with a broad range of offerings at attainable prices, we believe everyone deserves to witness the new intersection of technology and art.’

Crafted by minds from Harvard and MIT, and innovators from the fashion and design industries, the planet beyond was created to broaden the definition of artistic expression through technology. the products, which are crafted from recycled metal products, offer a 4.5-hour battery life and can be charged via a micro-USB connection. prices for a planet beyond’s wireless Bluetooth earpieces start at $115 for the base model. however, the inclusion of the decorative add-ons takes the total price to $170. apple’s ‘pro’ AirPods are currently retailing in the US at $249.

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