Baranowitz + Kronenberg integrate shadows and reflections into âme

Baranowitz + Kronenberg integrate shadows and reflections into âme

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27 بهمن 1399 | 12:22
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Amsterdam-based architect Abramowitz + Kronenberg (B+K) works with high-end jewelry brand âme in the design of its flagship new york showroom on spring street, Soho. situated in the heart of lower manhattan, B+K take influence from the architectural language of the neighborhood, recalling the shadows of the undulating cast-iron facades. the stark contrast between the polished stainless steel centerpieces and the peripheral steel paneled walls express the cast-iron buildings of the area together with the sidewalk life of the bustling city.

Baranowitz + Kronenberg design the interior of the âme new york flagship showroom as a combination of the past, present, and future. the historic architecture of Soho together with the cutting-edge modern design inspired by this very architecture generates a new impression and echoes the identity of the âme brand. the dark peripheral envelope of the interior executed with soaring, vertical rolled steel panels is a bold and abstract backdrop for the central jewelry displays. the ubiquitous monochromatic palette enhances the jewelry pieces while the reflective spatial organization encourages movement throughout the store.

With the design of the âme new york flagship interior, Abramowitz + Kronenberg integrates such sensory elements as music, scent, and touch to further enhance âme’s design strategy. a bespoke scent created by British perfume designer Razzi glasser for the brand is a permanent feature present throughout. each piece of jewelry is uniquely housed inside its own capsules and state-of-the-art glass cloches, inviting the impression that it is served rather than displayed. the practice designed with this presentation in mind encourages a slower journey through the store and engagement in the act of revealing and contemplating.

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