Droog Moto e-Fighter Electric Motorbike adds ‘Rechargeable Adrenaline’

Droog Moto e-Fighter Electric Motorbike adds ‘Rechargeable Adrenaline’

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13 بهمن 1399 | 11:20
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Rechargeable adrenaline with instant torque defines the droog moto e-fighter electric motorcycle, also known as the DM-016 e-fighter. as a first for the Washington state-based custom shop, the bike is fully electric. it boasts either an interchangeable 3.6 modular setup or a 7.2 battery, which produces 46 hp and 78 ft. lbs of torque. a 550 amp high-efficiency controller aids regenerative deceleration to maximize your range.

All-black and dramatically powerful, the droog moto ex-fighter’s bodywork is handcrafted from steel and aluminum. it is built to look and function as a machine, just like all their motorcycles. its front is highly distinguishable thanks to sharp LED stripes cut into its mask. its performance lighting extends to the tips of the handlebars as turn signals illuminate the bar ends. a digital speedo then features off-center on the handlebars, backlit by a blue display to make for easy reading.

The machine can be built with a multitude of options, from its power plant to tires and more. two wheel choices – the signature solid wheel or the new tubeless custom spoke setups – are available and ensure you have capable handling on any terrain. as well, to aid its powerful performance, the bike has an upgraded suspension set in both the front and rear.

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