Miami residence $1.5 million supercar mounted on the wall

Miami residence $1.5 million supercar mounted on the wall

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31 تیر 1398 | 1:47
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With just 15 models manufactured each year, the Pagani Zonda R is one of the rarest cars in the world. however, in an $8 million luxury condominium on the oceanfront of Miami, one of the very few privately owned zondas has been installed to function as both a high-impact partition between the living room and master suite and an artistic centerpiece for the residence.

Artefacto home staging was in charge of ensuring the powerful, 800-pound race car was hoisted correctly into the building. working alongside the Italian craftsman at Pagani, the teams then created an aluminum and carbon fiber stand, which creates the illusion that the vehicle is floating in mid-air.

In order to compliment a supercar that can go from 125mph to 0 in 4.3 seconds, artifacts also fully furnished the residence around the vehicle with a sleek aesthetic of clean, bold lines — completing this artistic dream home for all cars enthusiasts.

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