British Start Up Lunaz Electrifies & Future-Proofs Classic Luxury Cars

British Start Up Lunaz Electrifies & Future-Proofs Classic Luxury Cars

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21 مهر 1400 | 11:05
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As many countries and cities, quite rightly, adopt stricter emission limits, the chance of seeing a classic car on the road is becoming even more of a rarity. lunaz, a new British start-up, believes differently though. combining advanced technology with expert craftsmanship, they aim to restore the ‘most beautiful and celebrated cars’ by fitting them will all-electric powertrains. each electric engine will be suited ‘to the millimeter’ and the driving characteristics of each model. their results embrace the future whilst preserving the past.

Designed and built in-house in Silverstone, UK, luna’s process for the electric classic cars starts by stripping them back to their metal exteriors. a 3D scanner is then used to ensure a powertrain is designed by a computer to fit the frame perfectly. the electrification also enables the ‘future-proofing’ of the classics, with fast-charging and regenerative braking included as well as helpful driving aids like traction and cruise control. the interior of the car can also benefit from the modernization, with equipment ranging from the sat nav to entertainment and both heating and air conditioning systems – even the original dashboard dials can be adapted to its new electrification.

Using a modular design for the batteries, most of their cars will feature two sets of battery packs: one in the engine bay and one under the floor of the boot. the new powertrains are said to always offer between 135 hp to 590 hp, depending on the vehicle type. as well, the normal battery range is expected to be more than 250 miles per charge. lunas are starting by working on three models: a 1961 eight-seater rolls-Royce phantom V with a 120 kWh battery pack’ a 1953 jaguar XK120 with an 80-kWh pack; and a 1956 rolls-Royce silver cloud with a yet-to-be-revealed power pack.

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