Nadia furniture collection by jin kuramoto for MEETEE

Nadia furniture collection by jin kuramoto for MEETEE

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27 فروردین 1398 | 10:29
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According to Architectures Report Afam News, in addition to being responsible for the duration of the start-up brand MENTEE, Japanese designer jin Kuramoto has presented ‘Nadia’ alongside Claesson Koivisto rune’s new solid wood furniture series. based on inherited Japanese craftsmanship techniques used in traditional carpentry for shipwrights, the series of premium timber chairs, tables, and coat racks will launch at the Stockholm furniture fair.

‘the heritage of many of the woodworking techniques used by Japanese carpenters originates from Japanese ships,’ explains Kuramoto. ‘inherent in its position as an island nation, it is unsurprising that the maritime industry has been a driving force behind the innovation of wood construction for centuries.’

the ‘Nadia’ collection for MENTEE has been developed by focusing on a particular method, known as ‘Kumiko’, which uses an interlocking technique for its primary construction. ‘the result is a series of contemporary furniture that harmonizes the design aspects with the high level ‘Kumiko’ structure, as well as giving an affectionate nod towards the wooden vessels of times gone by,’ adds Kuramoto.

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