TACO sets Multi functional architecture studio amid palm trees in Mexico

TACO sets Multi functional architecture studio amid palm trees in Mexico

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17 اردیبهشت 1398 | 12:35
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In the Mexican city of Merida, TACO taller de Arquitectura has completed a multifunctional building set amid a grove of palm trees. in developing the project, which is titled ‘portico palmetto, the architects sought to design a setting that fostered a close relationship with nature, while simultaneously serving as a functional, versatile, and inspiring building. the structure primarily acts as an architectural studio, but, rather than a conventional office environment, a more welcoming and domestic atmosphere has been established.

the program comprises a permeable esplanade and a ‘garden/pedestrian path’. meanwhile, a programmed portico with terraces and relaxation areas delineates access to the site’s public and private areas: a living/meeting room, a kitchenette, a full bathroom, a storage room, a work area, a central patio, and an open roof terrace with two half bathrooms.

TACO taller de Arquitectura developed the building’s form in accordance with the surrounding trees, sunlight, and cross ventilation. importantly, the portico has a series of deployable bamboo panels that work to control insulation, privacy, and security. in terms of materiality, the building’s finishes aim to reduce the need for future maintenance. using construction methods common to the region, the roof was cast on-site with waterproof concrete and is thermally insulated with polystyrene panels.

the floors are made of white concrete, while the walls and ceilings comprise burnished stucco pigmented with the earth tone of the site. hardwood carpentry is resistant to termites, while the windows were made with natural aluminum and tempered glass. adjacent aquatic gardens function as mosquito controllers and fauna attractants were also implemented

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